mÄndag 1 maj 2017

Just dropped some clean stuff with @dekalkit.se

Grab some freshness! Link below!.
Here is just a sample of how it could look like with your logo on the radiator wings.
I like @rancid you should too!
Logos can be changed to whatever you like!
Need new plastic? Well they got that too! Lazy to put the graphic on your new plastic? Well they make that for you! Just screw them on when the mailman arrive!👊
1495 SEK - 169 USD


fredag 21 april 2017

Surf this!

The Mindtrip board is available!

Let the monsters underneath you have something to look at this season.

These boards are now available at link below.

Call/text 208-315-2526
Email: shawnwright@brigadesurfing.com

Have a great day!

onsdag 5 april 2017


The CHOKE board is available at link below!

Dim the light! 
Full rail LED option!! 
Shawn at brigade is a fucking WIZARD! 
If you are interested to shred this CHOKE board 

or hang a couple in your shop contact: 

Call/text 208-315-2526 or send a email to 



torsdag 30 mars 2017

SURF THIS! 2017 line-up

Click to enlarge!

Let the monsters underneath you have something to look at this season.

These boards are now available at link below.

Call/text 208-315-2526
Email: shawnwright@brigadesurfing.com

Have a great day!

mÄndag 27 mars 2017

How to draw a eye inside a tv

How to draw a eye.
Click on link below and watch this comes to life

And ceck out more of my work on my instagram

Rock 'n' roll

Booty time lapse!

Follow the link below to see this booty coming to life on my youtube channel :) Enjoy.
And for you that wondering, i working with a wacom tablet that you find on this link.

Have a awesome day!! 

mÄndag 19 december 2016


NEW stuff available!

Wrap: FUNHOUSE Make your own colorcombo add logos to make it more YOU.
Hop on the links below and find some fresh stuff for your Sled/Timbersled/MX etc.


RMZ 450 DKLKIT Factory

Top or bottom ? Keep it clean with DKLKIT FactoryđŸ€˜ Now available to Suzuki!! 1495 SEK - 169 USD Add your numbers/logos etc Grab it at li...