söndag 22 oktober 2017

TREE SLAYER wrap available!

Mean muggin [TREE SLAYER] kit
Photo by @theerobbyhargis
Graphic installed by @chadfisher129 for a customer over at @adtriples 🔥🔥 Thanks a lot guys!!
Make your sled visable in the white gold this season at @arcticfxgraphics🤘
Wraps at link below. 
A crisp |SEND IT| kit!!!
Thank you @perarntsolem 🤘🤘🤘
📷: @gunhild_i
Available at link below

tisdag 12 september 2017

Color BOMB!!!

Talk shit with  @suomela_  and take a closer look at  @lindroths_motorcenter     Tomorrow/Today |Saturday| 🤘 Wrap |TREE SLAYER| availabl...